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Important Note: When installing a new version of VP, you must first uninstall the old one.  The new install file will allow you do to this.  Choose remove instead of repair.

Download Tech Beta 6 Now!

Remember that if you are upgrading from an older version, you must uninstall the old one first.  The new install version will ask you to do this first

To use the Exe only upgrade, download it and unzip it into your current Visual Pinball folder, alongside the current vpinball.exe.



Install File (3.9 Meg) Exe only upgrade(800 K)
English Tech Beta 6 Get it from VPForums Get it from VPForums

Unzip into a temporary directory, and run setup.exe

If for some reason you want to uninstall the tech beta, like somebody is holding a gun to your head or something, click on the Start menu, click Settings, then Control Panel, then Add/Remove software.  Select Visual Pinball, and then click Remove.

Dogfood build

Dogfood builds are versions that I think are pretty good and don't have any glaring issues, but have not been tested thoroughly.  They contain the latest bug fixes and features.  Edible, but not quite fit for human consumption.  There are currently no dogfood builds.

System Components

In order to run Visual Pinball, you must have certain system components.  Here are links which will allow you to install those components which you do not already have.

DirectX 7
You will already have this if you are running Windows 2000/XP, Windows Me, or have already installed any games which use DirectX 7.
This page will allow you to download the latest version of DirectX.  Although DirectX 8 is the newest version, only version 7 or above is required for Visual Pinball.

Windows Script 5.0
You will already have this if you have Internet Explorer 5.01 or above, Windows 98/Me, or Windows 2000/XP.  You can get the latest version from here.  Internet Explorer 5.5 and Windows Me have the latest version (5.5).  I have tested with version 5.0, and it seems just fine.  That being so, it is unlikely that you will need an upgraded version of this component.   If you have the original Windows 98, or if you are experiencing any trouble with table logic, you may want to get the latest version to make sure.

Windows Media Audio
You will already have this if you have Windows Media Player version 4 or higher.  While technically not necessary to use Visual Pinball, you will need it to be able to hear music.  You can get the installer for the runtime here.  This is not the media player interface, only the audio runtimes.